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Our shop may be small but it is packed with a wide range of items from our exclusive greetings cards featuring our favourite objects from the museum to our newly expanded range of quality pocket money toys and games for children.   These include microscopes, sticker books, mini-kites and traditional games.

To celebrate the opening of our new Natural History Room we have our brilliant new ‘Busy Bugs’ - great fun and only £3.50 each!

Finally, don’t forget to look at our second-hand books, where paperbacks are 50p and hardbacks are £1.

Souvenirs from Sherborne Museum

A busy bug

* Dorset button making kits

* gemstones

* miniature kites

* tea towels

* greetings cards

* postcards

* sticker books

* books

* children's games

* exclusive Museum mugs by graphic designer Katie Walter

* Dorset dialect mugs

* key-rings and pin badges

* pens and pencils

* ‘Busy Bugs’

Renewed publishing venture for Sherborne Museum

Researchers at Sherborne Museum have, in the past, produced a series of short pamphlets describing various aspects of Sherborne’s rich heritage. The Museum has now set out to update some of these, and prepare others on new and exciting topics. The first two of these were published last month and are available in the Museum shop, priced £3.50 each.

Museum Cake

#MUSEUMCAKE, a small selection of historical recipes, was written by curator Elisabeth Bletsoe.

It is a light-hearted attempt to capture some of the historical recipes that have been created by the author to support museum events.

Sherborne Draper

“Sherborne Draper, the Sherborne Drapery and Outfitting Stores” by our former chairman Barry Brock is a fascinating history of the building which is now home to the Melbury Gallery, the Pear Tree and Barker Dry Cleaning & Laundry. It embraces Mrs. Beeton, the Epsom racecourse and the 1940 Sherborne bombing raid.

Titles in course of preparation include the story behind Sherborne’s newspapers; a history of William Seymour & Co; and a series of three pub walks which can be made from the Museum.

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